O SALUTARIS HOSTIA for unaccompanied mixed choir (SSAATTBB) music by: Andrej Makor (b. 1987) 2016, rev. 2018 text in Latin by: Tommaso d'Aquino [Thomas Aquinas] (1225–1274) from the hymn Verbum supernum prodiens, 5th verse / [Divine Office of Corpus Christi / Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament] To conductor Andraž Hauptman and Chamber Choir ORFEJ, Ljutomer (Slovenia) LIVE RECORDING: Komorni zbor ORFEJ / Chamber Choir ORFEJ, Ljutomer (Slovenia), Andraž Hauptman, conductor; International Choral Competition Ave Verum in Austria/Europe; Sunday, 15. V. 2022 SHEET MUSIC: AS 34.133/01 INFO: https://www.astrum.si/E-3413301