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29 May NEW: BEC Tine arr.: LINČICA TURKINČICA for mixed voices (SATBdiv) and body percussion, 2018
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LINČICA TURKINČICA (Lenie Dear, Turkish Cheer) for mixed voices (SATBdiv) and body percussion Slovene Narrative Folk Song from Resia [Bila (Bilä / San Giorgio) in Rezija (Resia, now Italy)] arr. by..
27 May NEW: Katarina Pustinek Rakar: LIBERTAS ANIMI CIBUS
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LIBERTAS ANIMI CIBUS for mixed choir (SATBdiv) a cappella music by: Katarina Pustinek Rakar (b. 1979) 2016 text in Latin from: Carmina proverbalia, 207 (mostly written) by Gaius Julius Phaedrus (c...
18 May ASTRUM Info: Coronavirus Period Ended
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Dear ASTRUM Music Publications friends & customers !on March 14th, 2020, ASTRUM Music Publications  went into a "low-mode" activity when coronavirus (COVID-19) started its widened path through Europe,..
22 Apr Partial Pricelist of ASTRUM Music Publications, April 2020
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We are publishing here: A PARTIAL PRICE LIST of ASTRUM Music Publications editionsThis list contains editions of about 30% of the entire catalog. For other editions unlisted please contact us at: info..
22 Apr Redesigning Website
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ASTRUM Music Publication's old website (2003-March 2020) used older technology nowadays considered as out of date compared to more recently-created websites. It was quite unstable and and difficult to..
16 Mar Credit Card Payment Form
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CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM (v angleščini) – PDFCREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM (v angleščini) – Word..
16 Mar ASTRUM Info: Coronavirus Period
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Dear ASTRUM Music Publications friends & customers !Regarding the latest developments of the coronavirus distribution (COVID-19), ASTRUM Music Publications is going digital in all territories (not onl..
08 Mar US PREMIERE: Andrej Makor: Pesem št. X [Song No. X]
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Pesem št. X [Song No. X]glasba / music by: Andrej Makorbesedila / lyrics by: Srečko Kosovel Prva izvedba v ZDA / US Premiere:Linn-Mar High School - Bella VoceMarion, IA, USATrent Buglewicz, Conductor..
31 Dec CONCERTS: December 2019
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various concerts, Christmas and other, in December, 2019..
21 Sep BODEČA NEŽA - 15 years
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Dekliška vokalna skupina BODEČA NEŽA / Girl's Vocal Group BODEČA NEŽA Vrh sv. Mihaela (GO), ItalyMateja Černic, conductorKulturni center Lojze Bratuž / Lojze Bratuž Cultural Center,Gorica / Gorizia (G..
12 Sep ASTRUM &
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ASTRUM Music Publications is currently in Hannover, Germany attending 5th conference of German choral directors. Our office in Slovenia is closed until including Monday, September 16, 2019...
02 Sep ASTRUM is renewing the web-page
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A draft of new ASTRUM Music Publications web-page:For our customers we are preparing extended searchers and filters: We are open for suggestions what would you like to see on our web-page – plea..
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