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KLAGELIEDER (Lamentations) - Clarinet in Bb

KLAGELIEDER (Lamentations) - Clarinet in Bb
Subtitles & Versions
Consisting of: Prelude [Der Herr ließ meine Wege sich verstricken] / I [Meine Zähne ließ er auf Kiesel beißen] / II [Du hast dich in Wolken gehüllt] / III [Da rief ich deinen Namen]
Composer / Arranger: MAKOR Andrej
Text Author: Biblical
Detailed Scoring: für Klarinette, Klavier und gemischten Chor (SATB div.) / for clarinet, piano and mixed choir (SATB div.)
Availability Limitations: Any additional woodwind, brass, percussion or other part from any work in our catalog may be purchased separately, after a complete (Full) Set of Parts has been purchased.
Date (and place) composed: Izola, 9. XII 2020
Dedication: In memoriam to the victims of Coronavirus disease 2019
Editions of this cycle, collection: Full Score (AS 34.197/10), Vocal-Choral Score (AS 34.197/05), Choral Score (AS 34.197/09), Set of Parts (AS 34.197/20) consisting of instrumental parts listed in the Full Score: Clarinet in Bb (2x booklet) (AS 34.197/51), Piano (AS 34.197/91) (2x booklet + 1x single-page print – for taped, accordion-style part)
First Performance: Friday, April 1, 2022; 7.30 p.m. / 5th Subscription Concert, Saison 2021/22 (MVP 5) / Stop, Listen / Marjan Kozina Hall / Slovenian Pilharmonic, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Slovenian Philharmonic Choir / Duo Claripiano: Tatjana Kaučič, piano / Dušan Sodja, clarinet / Luka Juteršek, tenor solo / Matjaž Strmole, bariton solo / Gregor Klančič, conductor
Product Type: Clarinet in Bb
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