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ŻUKOWSKI Otton Mieczysław

ŻUKOWSKI Otton Mieczysław

ŻUKOWSKI Otton Mieczysław (8 March 1867, Bełz on the Sołokija/Sokal Raion, Bukovina, Ukraine – 31 March 1942, Lviv, Ukraine) was a Polish composer. He grew up in Chernivtsi and spent most of his life in this city, taking music lessons from childhood. After graduating from high school, he left to study at the university in Lviv, and then at the music academy in Vienna.

He came from a family with patriotic traditions, after returning to Bukovina, he became involved in the creation of schools with extra-compulsory teaching of the Polish language. He composed religious and profane works, many of them have an independence element. A characteristic feature of all these songs are their beautiful, uncomplicated melodies, lyrical and touching the heart, enriched with discreet, rather romantic harmony.

While the character and work of O.M. Żukowski was discovered and described only after the year 2000 by the priest dr. Robert Kaczorowski from the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, however, Otton Mieczysław Żukowski is a forgotten artist, many modern lexicons unfortunately neglect his personality.

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