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BONATO Giovanni

BONATO Giovanni

BONATO Giovanni was born in Schio, Italy in 1961. He has studied Composition with F. Vacchi, A. Guarnieri, and G. Manzoni at the “G. Verdi” Conservatoire in Milan. As a composer of chamber, choral, and symphonic compositions he has distinguished himself both in the national and in the international field. He was awarded in several competitions and prizes, of which the following are worth mentioning: “G. d’Arezzo” (1986/87/89/92/97/2002/2005), “A. Casella” in Siena (1987/89), “Città di Trieste” (1986/88), “I.C.O.N.S.” (1989/92), “A. Pedrotti” in Trient (1990), “Gaudeamus” in Amsterdam (1989/91), “Olympia” in Athens (1989/90), “Wiener Internationaler Kompositions-wettbewerb” in Vienna (1992/95), “50th Tokyo Met. Go.” (1993), “Mozart” in Salzburg (1994), “2 Agosto” in Bologna (1998), “Rhein-Ruhr” in Bochum (1998), “F. Evangelisti” in Rome (2002), “Uuno Klami” in Finland (2004), “Reine Marie José” in Geneve (2004).

   His works have been performed by prestigious interprets, including Arditti Quartet, M. Fornaciari, K. Ono, H. Starreveld, Phorminx Ensemble Darmstadt, Ex Novo Ensemble, D. Nordio, L. Slatkin, M. Brunello, F. Erle, H. Shelley, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, F. M. Bressan, J. Nikkola, F. Sjöberg, L. Gay, E. Ericson, A. Soots, Estonian National Male Choir, World Youth Choir, M. Buchberger, L. Segerstam, Tower Voices New Zealand, Kymi Sinfonietta, J. Ahonen, Cello Passionato, J. Berger, S. Kuret, at important festivals (Settimana Musicale Senese, Festival Pontino, Settembre Musica, Veneto Festival, Antidogma, Olympia Festival, Gaudeamus Music Week, Festival Europäische Kirchenmusik, Asiagofestival, Festival Galuppi just to name a few.

   His compositions are broadcasted by the major European radio stations and they have been published by “Ricordi”, “Rugginenti”, “Agenda”, “Salabert”, “A Coeur Joie”, “Edition Ferrimontana”, Edizioni Suvini-Zerboni, Edizioni Feniarco, Fondazione “G. d’Arezzo” and “Astrum Music Publications”.

   In 1993 Casinos Austria commissioned him an opera “Auxele”, for the “Wiener Int. Kw.”(1995). The “Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto” (artistic director Mario Brunello) has designated him composer in residence during the “Stagione Concertistica 2002-2003”. Since 1992 he teaches Composition at the “Cesare Pollini” Conservatoire in Padua.

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