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30 Apr World Symposium on CHORAL MUSIC - Istanbul, Turkey 2023 #ChangingHorizons
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World Symposium on CHORAL MUSIC - #ChangingHorizons Istanbul, Turkey, April 25-30, 2023ASTRUM Music Publications booth at the World Symposium on Choral Music 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, AKM Opera Foyer ..
30 Sep CONCERT - Pliberk/Bleiburg, Austria:
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Singing picnic for children and youth "Singing PicniConcert"Cultural Center Pliberk, Bleiburg/Pliberk, Austria/Avstrija30.IX.2022, 13:30Performers: Mlada Podjuna, Otroški zbor Danica, Otroški zbor Srč..
19 May Composer's Workshop on the Glasbena mladina Music Camp 2011
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Slovenian Music Youth is preparing from 16th to 27th July 2011 the event entitled 18th International Summer Music Camp. A Composer's Workshop, Assistance to the Musical Creativity and International Ch..
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