A draft of new ASTRUM Music Publications web-page:

For our customers we are preparing extended searchers and filters:

We are open for suggestions what would you like to see on our web-page – please write at: info@astrum.si

Here a Partial* ASTRUM Music Publications Price List is published

* his list contains editions of about 30% of the entire catalog. For other editions unlisted please contact us at: info@astrum.si .

ASTRUM Music Publications, Cankarjeva 7, SI-4290 Tržič, SLOVENIA-EUROPE
T: +386 (04) 59 25 800 F.: +386 (04) 59 25 801 • E: info@astrum.si • W: www.astrum.si / temporary webpage: www.astrum-music.com

In September 2019, the ASTRUM Music Publications is relaunching our website www.astrum.si. Because this month will result in interruptions of access to the website, we have established additional website for continuous contact with customers at www.astrum-music.com, through which you can communicate with us – you can write us an order at info@astrum.si.

We apologize for inconveniences when ordering ASTRUM Music Publications editions in September 2019.

New (regrettably higher) ASTRUM Music Publications Prices

ASTRUM Music Publications is adjusting the prices of its editions, for the first time since 2003. New prices (in EURO only, not any more listed in US$), here.