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Bible Passages


Genesis [Gn]
Exodus [Ex]
Leviticus [Lev]
Numbers [Nu]
Deuteronomy [Deu]
Joshua [Jos]
Judges [Judg]
Ruth [Ru]
1 Samuel [1 Sa]
2 Samuel [2 Sa]
1 Kings [1 Ki]
2 Kings [1 Ki]
1 Chronicles [1 Ch]
2 Chronicles [2 Ch]
Ezra [Ezr]
Nehemiah [Neh]
Esther [Est]
Job [Jo]
Psalms [Ps]
Proverbs [Pro]
Ecclesiastes [Ec]
Song of Solomon [Song]
Isaiah [Isa]
Jeremiah [Jer]
Lamentations [Lam]
Ezekiel [Eze]
Daniel [Dan]
Hosea [Hos]
Joel [Joe]
Amos [Amo]
Obadiah [Oba]
Jonah [Jon]
Micah [Mic]
Nahum [Nah]
Habakkuk [Hab]
Zephaniah [Zep]
Haggai [Hag]
Zechariah [Zch]
Malachi [Mal]


Matthew [Mat]
Mark [Mar]
Luke [Luk]
John [Jn]
The Acts [Act]
Romans [Rom]
1 Corinthians [1 Co]
2 Corinthians [2 Co]
Galatians [Gal]
Ephesians [Eph]
Philippians [Phil]
Colossians [Col]
1 Thessalonians [1 Th]
2 Thessalonians [2 Th]
1 Timothy [1 Ti]
2 Timothy [2 Ti]
Titus [Tit]
Philemon [Phm]
Hebrews [Heb]
James [Jam]
1 Peter [1 Pe]
2 Peter [2 Pe]
1 John [1 Jo]
2 John [2 Jo]
3 John [3 Jo]
Jude [Jud]
Revelation [Rev]


Esther (Greek) [Add Esth]
Judith [Jdt]
Tobit [Tob]
1 Maccabees [1 Macc]
2 Maccabees [2 Macc]
Wisdom [Wis]
Sirah [Sir]
Baruch [Bar]
Letter of Jeremiah [Ep Jer]
Additions to Daniel [Add Dan]

HOW TO QUOTE BIBLE PASSAGES: You can quote the abbreviation with a chapter and/or verse reference specified (2 Sm11:1-17, 1 Chr 10:13-15 (English Standard Version)). Books and numbering are not identical in different versions - it is essential to identify which version is being cited.
- partial quote referencing after (as in this paragraph): "Chicago Manual of Style" 2003  

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