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PREGELJ Ivan (born 27 October 1883, Most na Soči (then Sv. Lucija na Soči), Slovenia; died 30 January 1960, Ljubljana, Slovenia), Slovenian writer, playwright, poet and critic.

He was a high school teacher professionally. Pregelj attended the grammar school in Gorizia, first studied theology, then dropped out and went to Vienna to study German and Slavic studies. He received his doctorate with a dissertation on the Slovene Baroque preacher Rogerij of Ljubljana. He worked as a high school teacher in Gorizia, Pazin, Idrija, Kranj and most recently in Ljubljana.

One of the most original parts of Pregl's literary work is his style, which is sometimes pathetic, biblically elevated (Plebanus Joannes), solemn, lyrical and rhythmic, which brings it closer to the Baroque. Metaphors are often used to express the contrast between the physical and the spiritual. As a writer, he was a prose writer, playwright, lyricist, translator, and a representative of Catholic Slovene publicists of the pre- and interwar period.

He wrote mostly historical novels. In his works, he also told about the social and national destiny in the regional context of the former Primorska. Pregl's work is classified by literary historians as modern and expressionism.

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