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FANTAZIJE (Phantasies)

FANTAZIJE (Phantasies)
Subtitles & Versions
Subtitle: four arrangements of Slovenian folk songs from Slavia Friulana, Trieste region and Littoral-Inner Carniola region for mixed choir (SATBdiv) unaccompanied
Consisting of: 1. Voda Rajna / 2. Je lepa Gorica / 3. Rožmarin se m'je posušu / 4. Zvečir se ga napije
Composer / Arranger: MAKOR Andrej
Music [Melody] Source: Folk Songs – Slovenia
Text Source (Author): Folk Songs – Slovenia
Detailed Scoring: for mixed choir (SATBdiv) a cappella
Awards: In 2017, Glasbena matica Ljubljana announced a competition for the adaptation of Slovenian folk songs, with which it wanted to draw attention to the work and importance of Matej Hubad. Andrej Makor's song "Voda Rajna" was chosen for the main prize of Glasbena matica Ljubljana.
Series, Collection: Makor: De sak bo vidu an bo slišu (So That Everyone Will See and Hear) [2017]
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