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Folk Songs, Slovenia - Gorenjska [Upper Carniola]

Folk Songs, Slovenia - Gorenjska [Upper Carniola]

Melodies of folk songs, folk traditions  from the Gorenjska [Upper Carniola] region, a traditional region in Slovenia, the northwestern part of the historical Carniola region.

Folk song has been transmitted through oral tradition in the past and only through the last few centuries through transcriptions. In the distant past, folk song experienced various changes, which are reflected in differences in melodies, content, rhythm and the like.

Depending on the content of a folk song it could be divided into: narrative, historical, love, wedding, status (single, marital, work, profession, ...), children's, obituary, military, drinking and toast songs, dance, carols, religious, songs about nature, humorous, homeland and other songs.

Even rhythmic lyrics are part of a folk song: counting(-out) rhymes, questionning songs, lullabies, spells,, word games, courting verses and the like. Folk song was performed (sang and played,even today) individually (solo), in a group, with and without instrumental accompaniment.

Even today, folk songs are still being created: art music (author's music with known authors) that are widely accepted and performed become popular (music & verses alike) over time.

Author: BEC Tine
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V kwoštər bə šwa [I'd Like to Enter a Cloister] - solo+SSAA V kwoštər bə šwa [I'd Like to Enter a Cloister] - solo+SSAA
Author: ČOPI Ambrož
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