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SEFVE-SVENSSON Vilhelm (1849-1929), a Swedish elementary school teacher and choir leader, was born on March 11, 1849 in Munka-Ljungby parish in Skåne and died June 29, 1928 in Norrköping.

Sefve-Svensson worked as a teacher at Norrköping's primary schools between 1876 and 1913 and also taught the upper classes in singing. In addition, he was for many years the leader of the Sankt Olai church choir. Under the name Vilh. Sefve published several songbooks, including Songbook for primary school and Youth songs for schools, homes and associations.

His best known work is known as "Midnatt råder" (Midnight Reigns; Tomtarnas julnatt / Santa's Christmas Night) or "Tipp tapp", a Christmas song with lyrics by Alfred Smedberg (under the alias "Tippu Tipp") and music by Vilhelm Sefve-Svensson (under the alias "Vilh. Sefve"). The song was originally published in the children’s magazine "Jultomten" in 1898 and has then been re-published several times. In 1916 it was published in "115 sånger för de små". According to song researcher Lennart Kjellgren the crediting of Sefve for the music is uncertain (1999).

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