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HRUŠOVAR Tadej - Dejvi

HRUŠOVAR Tadej - Dejvi

HRUŠOVAR Tadej - Dejvi, Slovenian singer and composer of popular music (June 5, 1947, Celje - December 5, 2020) began his musical career in 1964, in the same year founded and then very popular Celje pop-ensemble The Fellows. In the same year he joined the music group Bele vrane (The White Crows), and after its dissolution in 1975 he founded the group Pepel in kri (The Ashes and Blood), which represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision for the first year with one of the greatest hits of Slovenian music ever - the song Dan ljubezni (The Day of Love). He also participated in the same festival in 1990, where he also helped the Italian singer Toto Cutugno with the group Pepel in kri. He performed the song Samo tvoje ime znam (I Only Know Your Name) at the Split Festival in 1977. His song Tu je Dalmacija (Here is Dalmatia) ranked first two years later.

He has written over 400 songs for various artists who have performed at numerous pop music festivals. Among the most famous was his creation for the band Hazard. He worked as a producer in the entertainment program of RTV Slovenia.

He died of complications associated with coronavirus disease.

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