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Types of Scores

Types of Scores




Choral Score


Open Score(OpS): Choral music uses a separate staff for each type of voice required, e.g. an SATB choral score would have four staves (the tenor voice is written in tenor g clef. = treble clef, sounding an octave lower).

Closed Score (CloS): Singers / choral music reduced onto two staves, some with organ or piano accompaniment. When choral and hymn notation require only two staves, the soprano and alto voices share the upper staff, and the tenor and bass the lower one (the tenor must read in bass clef).

Vocal-Choral Score


Stapled, without hard-paper and coloured cover, cheaper, normally used with choirs wanting to have instrumental-accompaniment orientation, solo and choir voices with (full) piano reduction, available in choral numbers only.

The inner content is the same as in the Vocal Score (if published for the piece).

Complete Edition


Complete editions are special types of musical prints that contain in one collection, one print unit, all compositions within one cycle (opus, unit) of an individual composer.

Full Score


An instrumental score in which all the parts for the instruments or voices appear on their own staves in standard instrumental family order.

Instrumental Part(s)


Individual line of notes to be performed by any instrument or voice, sometimes by group of instruments or voices.

Concerto solo parts, where available, are generally not included in the Set of Parts unless so indicated; if a separate price is given for these, they are available and must be ordered separately.

Material on Hire


For some works, full score and orchestral parts are available on hire only.

Rental fees are charged for the rehearsal and performances. Materials are supplied to your organization in conjunction with a License Agreement. If the performing material is marked as Material on Hire, then these materials are the only authorized performance materials available. The rental materials include full scores, piano-vocal scores and orchestra parts, and are provided for use solely in conjunction with a performance license.

Set of Scores and Parts


Set of Scores and Parts includes a complete set of orchestral parts sufficient for performance, plus full score(s) and choral scores in quantities determined by the publisher.

Full Set of (Instrumental) Parts


Full set of (instrumental) parts consists of one of each of the parts listed in the score with a strings in configuration, needed for the performance:

String Set A (string count of

String Set B (string count of

String Set C (string count of

There may be a small number of works whose string configuration has been specified by the composer. These are identified by their exact instrumentation, and as "set as scored." In all three of these cases, additional string parts must be ordered separately.

Any additional woodwind, brass, percussion or other part from any work in our catalog may be purchased separately, after a complete set of parts has been purcased.

Song Book


Hymnal, album, collection, anthology [a choice collection of songs]

Study Score


A study or miniature score is like a full score, but reduced in size. It is too small for practical use and generally used for reading or analysis.

Vocal Score


A vocal score is one that has all the vocal parts, both choral and solo, on separate staves. It will also include a basic piano or organ accompaniment - the orchestra parts reduced to a piano or organ accompaniment - often including indications of which instrument plays the various melodies and other notes. It is used by singers and to rehearse vocalists separately from the instrumental ensemble.

Piano or Organ Reduction

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