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General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment


1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment are intended to govern the contractual relationship between buyers / purchasers (referred hereafter as Customer) and ASTRUM Music Publications / Astrum d.o.o. (referred hereafter as Publisher).

1.2 Orders, deliveries and other services performed by the Publisher shall be carried out solely on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment, which the Customer accepts by placing an order, receiving an automated computer response - and later receiving an offer from the publisher, quoting all cost of the order with postal charges listed in a proforma form. When the customer confirms accepting that, secondary sended non-automated = by the real-person comunicatted, reply, the order is thus accepted by both sides.

1.3 We shall not accept provisions in derogation of these terms unless they have been confirmed by the Publisher in writing.

1.4 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment apply for all territories (orders received, orders sent & orders payed from) except the Republic of Slovenia.

1.5 We recommend that you print these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment and keep them in a safe place.

1.6 On publication of the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment all prior General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment and other quotations, info and similar, from the publisher will be invalid.

1.7 According to the The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) from including 25.5. 2018 ASTRUM d.o.o., Tržič uses personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, if so determined by the law or by the personal consent of the individual.

All other personal data collected prior 25.5.2018 is hereby deleted, destroyed or blocked.
The web site, starting from 25.5.2018, operates exclusively as a catalog and NOT as an online store, and all personal data collected until 25.5.2018 were deleted accordingly.

We invite users of the web site not to input their personal information on / in the mentioned web address.

1.8 Data protection, cookies and more

1.8.1 We will use all information obtained at the time of ordering solely for the purpose of our offering and will not be unauthorized to share, sell or use for any other purpose with others. 

1.8.2 We use a number of security-protection systems on our web pages, which provide adequate protection against loss, unwanted alteration or misuse of data. Without your specific consent, we will not share, sell or exchange your personal information with any other institution, business or individual.

1.8.3 Use of Your Information:
As registered users of the website, we therefore require your first and last name and other personal information, which will remain known only to us. In order to make a purchase, we need your address, e-mail and telephone number in addition to the information provided. This allows us to ensure a smooth process of completion of your order and to notify you of any changes to your order. By registering on our site, you authorize ASTRUM d.o.o. the retention of your personal information, processing and use in sales processes, research and notifying potential customers in accordance with applicable regulations.

1.8.4 Deletion: At your request, we will delete your data within the time limits and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR). Upon deletion of your Astrum account information, we will only retain information about your purchases in accordance with the law governing this area within the statutory deadline.

1.8.5 Cookies: When you visit our websites, we always load cookies on your device to help you find the information and functionality that is available to you. These will make it easier for you to sign up at your next visit, always displaying the page you chose last time, and also making it easier to find the products you wanted to buy in the past. The operation of our websites is practically impossible without these cookies. While we do not require your consent to use them, we ask that you continue to use our site only if you consent to it. If you have any doubts or questions, we are available for clarification via
With due diligence, we have reviewed the terms and conditions of these sites and believe that the activities on our site do not violate your privacy. All users of our sites are advised to consent to the use of cookies by those sites.
Do not forget! Cookie storage is under the full control of your browser. By selecting the appropriate options in your browser, you can limit or disable the storage of cookies at any time, and you can permanently delete cookies on your device at any time.

1.8.6 On December 3 2018, the EU Geographical Blocking Regulation (2018/302) entered into force. Due to its validity and provisions, prices valid at ASTRUM throughout the EU (including the Republic of Slovenia) are comparable, since this regulation with criminal liability prevents us from offering customers in the Republic of Slovenia lower prices than in other EU countries.

1.8.7 In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (EUR) 2016/679 (GDPR) of 25/05/2018, ASTRUM d.o.o., a marketer uses personal data to fulfill a contract, if required by law or with the personal consent of an individual.
All other personally identifiable information collected is ASTRUM d.o.o. deleted, destroyed or blocked.
Website as of May 25, 2018, acts solely as a catalog and NOT as an online store, all personal data collected until May 25, 2018 are deleted accordingly.
Users of the web site are urged not to record their personal information in any of the aforementioned web addresses.

1.8.8 Your Assent: By using our site, you agree to the published rules. We will keep you up to date on any changes to our Terms and Conditions.

1.8.9 Additional information: If you require additional information or clarification on the content on this site, please send us your question to our contact address:

1.8.10 By using and submitting your interest in the subsequent ordering of the Products, you are expressing your agreement to the Terms of Use and General Terms of Sale,


2.1 Orders shall be accepted by the Publisher by submitting an invoice or providing a confirmation of the order. By taking delivery of the consignment, the Customer consents to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment. No other terms can be accepted by the Publisher. This also applies if the Publisher does not expressly object to any such terms. The order may also be accepted by dispatching the goods.

2.2 Orders will be processed, without any special confirmation at the prices in effect on the date they are received, unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

2.3 Conclusion of contract: By completing the ordering process on our Web Site, and after a non-automated = by the real-person secondary sended quotation, as per paragraph 1.2, a binding purchase contract is concluded between the Customer and the Publisher.

2.4.1 If a purchase contract is concluded between the Customer and the retailer / dealer other than the Publisher - subject to the terms and conditions of the retailer / dealer in question - the Publisher does not accept any responsibility for these contracts.

2.4.2 The Publisher is entitled to refuse the acceptance of the order in the event, when fullfiling the order may entail deterioration of the stability of the Publisher or there would be a possibility of excessive or disproportionate procedures, actions, or the like - before and after the realization of the order. The Publisher shall inform the Customer about that in due time.

2.5 A minimum order (sheet-music) total sum is 20 EUR. No payment or prepayment of customers order is allowed, if the customer did not received secondary proforma - as per par. 1.2.

2.6 In any case - regardless of other provisions of these "Terms & Conditions" - the basic principle of selling sheet-music publications by the Publisher is: The Publisher sells musical publications in numbers that satisfy the use (is needed or used) of ALL users and performers (singers in choirs, soloists, instrumentalists, conductors, archives, competition juries, etc.) ..

2.7 It is specifically noted that the purchase of the minimally permitted number of sheet music (e.g. 20) and subsequent additional reproduction up to the required quantity for all users, individually, collectively or through third parties - is not permitted. Only the publisher can manage and authorize the reproduction processes of Publisher's sheet-music.

2.8 In special and documented cases, the Publisher may refuse the purchase of sheet music to a third party (dealers, traders, other possibly related persons), who would forward the sheet-music in question to the original customer who does not/does not wish to comply with the "Terms & Conditions" stated here.


3.1 The time, place and method for delivery shall be as requested in the Customer's order, but in any event the Publisher will endeavour that such delivery shall not exceed 30 days, unless the parties agree otherwise.

3.2 Books, journals and other products supplied by the Publisher shall only be delivered on firm account and at the cost and risk of the Customer from the place of consignment determined by the Publisher.

3.3 Any other agreements shall only be valid if confirmed by the Publisher in writing.

3.4 The Publisher reserves the right to require advance payment before delivering goods. Delivery dates shall only be binding if confirmed by the Publisher in writing.

3.5 Airmail Registered Mail with tracking : In principle, delivery charges and handling costs will be added to the invoice at a flat rate according to weight:

Delivery charges and handling costs (together with export charges & export customs papers)

will be added to the invoice at a flat rate according to weight:

Actual Shipping Weight in:

European Union & Rest of Europe

(except Republic of Slovenia)

U.S.A. & Canada

Rest of the World





with Tracking


with Tracking


with Tracking



10,00 EUR

15,00 EUR

15,00 EUR



12,00 EUR

18,00 EUR

18,00 EUR



15,00 EUR

25,00 EUR

28,00 EUR

The price is inclusive of applicable Value Added Tax (VAT) for EU customers, excluding tax for non-EU customers.

3.6 Orders – if over 2 kg – will be shipped in more than one package and may not arrive simultaneously or as a Airmail Registered Mail - Priority Parcel.

3.7 All consignments will be sent in what we judge to be the most practical and customer-friendly cost-effective way.

3.8 Orders will be delivered by Slovenian Postal Service Global Priority - tracking available, unless otherwise requested or indicated.

3.9 Express courier shipping is available for an additional charge.

3.10 International customers are responsible for any customs duties and/or import taxes that may be applied by their countries.

3.11 There may be additional restrictions imposed by each destination country on the size and weight of each package.

3.12 There is an (sheet-music) order minimum of 20 EUR .


4.1 All consignments shall be made at the Customer's risk from the moment of dispatch, even if the goods are destroyed or damaged accidentally or by force majeure.

4.2 The Publisher shall not replace any consignments lost or damaged during transport. In order to safeguard his or her interests, the Customer must therefore report any damage to the relevant postal authority, forwarding agent or railway company body within the time limits specified by these bodies.


5.1 The Publisher guarantees that, at the time the risk passes to the Customer, the article of sale conforms to the quality description; this is determined solely on the basis of the specific agreements made by and between the parties concerning the nature, characteristics and quality features of the goods.

5.2 It is not the Publisher's intention - nor is the agreement made by the parties so designed - to give the Customer a guarantee concerning the nature of the article of sale above and beyond the agreement on conformance with the quality description made in sec. 5.1.

5.3 In accordance with sec. 5.2., details given in catalogues, price lists or any other information material made available to the Customer by the Publisher shall in no way be understood to constitute any such guarantee concerning the particular quality of the article of sale.


6.1 Any rights of warranty on the part of the Customer presuppose that he or she examines the article of sale after delivery and informs the Publisher of any defects in writing without delay, no later than two weeks after delivery; the Publisher must be notified of any hidden defects without delay after such defects have been discovered.

6.2 Defects in part of the delivered articles of sale shall not entitle the Customer to cancel the agreement unless a part delivery is of no interest to the Customer. The same applies to the Customer's right to claim damages instead of the entire delivery.

6.3 The Publisher shall rectify any defects covered by guarantee at its own option by either rectifying the defect or providing replacement goods at no cost to the Customer.

6.4 In the event that the Publisher seriously and definitely refuses to perform the agreement or that rectification of the defect or provision of a replacement is unsuccessful, or if the Customer cannot reasonably be expected to accept it, or if the Publisher refuses to do so on account of unreasonable costs, then the Customer shall be entitled at his or her own option in accordance with the legal provisions to terminate the agreement, reduce the purchase price or claim compensation for damages (or, if appropriate, reimbursement of expenditure).

6.5 The limitation period for guarantee claims relating to the article of sale shall be 12 months from the time of delivery to the Customer.


7.1 The price of the goods shall be the price quoted on the Web Site on the date of acceptance of the order by the Publisher, subject to any inadvertent pricing errors (whether technical or otherwise) by the Publisher. If the Publisher discovers a pricing error for any goods that the Customer orders, then the Publisher will cancel the order without penalty and notify the Customer of the error.

7.2 The Customer undertakes to comply with all prices fixed by the Publisher for fixed-price publications. Dealers shall obtain the due undertaking from their customers. In the event of any violation, the Publisher shall be entitled to discontinue deliveries. If the Publisher has reason to doubt that the fixed retail prices are not being complied with, it shall be entitled not to accept the order and to refrain from delivering goods.

7.3 The price of the goods is exclusive of any applicable value added tax (VAT) for the European Union Countries. VAT rates at times of publication are 5.0% on sheet music and books and 22% on recordings. VAT applies to non-VAT-registered European Union individuals only. EU Customers who are registered for VAT must supply us with their VAT number.

7.4 The price of the goods - quoted as net-prices - is exclusive of any applicable value added tax (VAT) for the non-European Union Countries.  

7.5 In the case of Special Offers etc, the length of time that price will be offered will be stated on the Web Site.

7.6 The prices stated on the invoice are binding. In the event that the Publisher has given notice of changes in price before receipt of the order, the new prices shall apply.

7.7 In the case the goods are sold by the Publisher: the prices published by the Publisher in EUROs are valid within the European Union and in other countries.

7.8 EUR to US$ exchange rates are calculated using this calculator: .

7.9 Dispatch costs shall be charged separately.

7.10 Prices and delivery options are subject to alteration; errors are excepted.

7.11 Price reduction policy for choral scores (minimum purchase 20 copies):

Choral Scores: MINIMUM purchase: 20 copies per title


of pages

20 - 24 copies

No discount

Price - as published

on web-site.

25-49 copies

10% discount

50 copies and over

15% discount

1 page

0,70 EUR

0,63 EUR

0,60 EUR

2 pages

1,00 EUR

0,90 EUR

0,85 EUR

4 pages

1,50 EUR

1,35 EUR

1,28 EUR


2,00 EUR

1,80 EUR

1,70 EUR

12 pages

2,50 EUR

2,25 EUR

2,13 EUR

16 pages

3,00 EUR

2,70 EUR

2,55 EUR

20 pages

3,50 EUR

3,15 EUR

2,98 EUR

24 pages

4,00 EUR

3,60 EUR

3,40 EUR

28 pages

4,50 EUR

4,05 EUR

3,83 EUR

32 pages

5,00 EUR

4,50 EUR

4,25 EUR

36 pages

5,50 EUR

4,95 EUR

4,68 EUR

40 pages

6,00 EUR

5,40 EUR

5,10 EUR

44 pages

6,50 EUR

5,85 EUR

5,53 EUR

48 pages

7,00 EUR

6,30 EUR

5,95 EUR

The price is exclusive of applicable value added tax (VAT) for the EU,

exclusive outside of EU.

7.11.1 There is a minimum order quantity of 20 copies for most choral-score titles.  If there is no such minimum order quantity - there is a notice beside price information.

7.11.2 For collections, full scores, vocal scores, etc. - there is in principle no minimum order quantity if there is no written notice on the title's page. 

7.11.3 Please make sure you order choral-scores minimum order quantity (=20 copies) or we will not be able to process your order and as a priciple we will not specifically inform you about the order not being processed. 

7.12 The publisher uderstands, that there exists small vocal groups (sextetts, octets, 12 singers, ...). Although choral scores are generally ordered in counts above 20 copies, there is a possibility - if the publisher accepts - to order choral scores in smaller numbers, adjusting the numbers in smaller vocal groups, if a customer in a separate e-mail ( ) provides:

- the exact group name, address,

- current photo of the group,

- leader of the group (name, address).

After the publisher receives that data, the customer will be sent a proforma as the publisher may allow ordering small numbers of choral scores at the following prices: 

Choral Scores: 3-19 copies per title - if allowed by the publisher


of pages

3-5 copies



6-10 copies



11-15 copies



16-19 copies


1 page

0,98 EUR

0,91 EUR

0,84 EUR

0,77 EUR

2 pages

1,40 EUR

1,20 EUR

1,20 EUR

1,10 EUR

4 pages

2,10 EUR

1,95 EUR

1,80 EUR

1,65 EUR

8 pages

2,80 EUR

2,60 EUR

2,40 EUR

2,20 EUR

12 pages

3,50 EUR

3,25 EUR

3,00 EUR

2,75 EUR


4,20 EUR

3,90 EUR

3,60 EUR

3,30 EUR

20 pages

4,90 EUR

4,55 EUR

4,20 EUR

3,85 EUR

24 pages

5,60 EUR

5,20 EUR

4,80 EUR

4,40 EUR

The price is exclusive of applicable value added tax (VAT) for the EU,

exclusive outside of EU.

7.13 If the customer 

- firsty orders choral scores for the small group,

- then, secondly illegally photocopies those scores for his/hers bigger choir of many voices,

the publisher may decline his/her and connected orders in future. The digital world is small now, and such praxis can be detected.

In such a case, such customer - if wanting to order other scores in future - must first order and pay and receive for all the singers in his / hers bigger choir at double price as published on our web-site and only after that he/she is allowed to order new scores.

7.14 Some prices may differ from the prices shown above.


8.1 Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice unless any other agreement has been made. Payments made in foreign currencies shall be accepted at the current rate of exchange. No discounts shall be granted for payment in cash. Cheques are not accepted unless confirmed by the Publisher in writing.

8.2 The delivered goods shall remain the property of the Publisher until all existing principal and subsidiary claims arising from past and future deliveries have been settled.

8.3 Payments shall be made by:

- SEPA wire bank transfer (SEPA banking system countries only),

- credit card (overseas & out-of SEPA banking system countries only) on the date on which the Publisher accepts the Customer's order,

- wire transfer (overseas), if agreed in advance with the Publisher.

8.4.1 Credit cards (for overseas & out-of SEPA banking system countries only) accepted by the Publisher are those listed on the Web Site on the date on which the Customer's order is placed and accepted by the Publisher. 

8.4.2 We charge a fee of 4,90 EUR to cover the costs of a third (3rd, and any further) credit card transaction processing, if the first (1st) and second (2nd) processing was declined charging, because your card is not accepting international charging / transactions or other customer's reasons.

8.5 For wire transfer (out of SEPA banking system countries only) a handling fee of EUR/US$ 18.00 will be added to your invoice. Wire transfer instructions:

Bank name and address: ABANKA VIPA d.d., Slovenska 58, SI-1517 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA-EUROPE


IBAN: SI56 051008010009907

Bank account name: ASTRUM d.o.o., Cankarjeva 7, SI-4290 Trzic, SLOVENIA-EUROPE

8.6 ASTRUM d.o.o. / ASTRUM Music Publications is not accepting cash in any form as a tool for paying the invoices. Only transfers on the bank account are currently possible. We are not accepting PayPal payments at the moment.

8.7 As of January 1, 2016 credit card payments is possible only for overseas & out-of SEPA banking system countries until further notice.


9.1 In the event of default in payment, all further amounts due to the Publisher at the time such default begins shall be due immediately. The Publisher shall be entitled to cancel the agreement if the Customer is in default of payment.

9.2 All balances not paid on time are subject to a 5.- EUR  late charge. The Late Charge covers the cost of printing, reviewing, and mailing statements and notices to customers with overdue balances.

9.3 The Publisher may charge default interest at the statutory rate on the total amount due from the date the default begins. This shall not affect the right to claim any further compensation for damages caused by default.

9.4 The Publisher shall be entitled to exclude defaulting Customers from further deliveries and to cancel any existing business relations for reasons considered important by the Publisher.


10.1 Save where the exceptions provided, the consumer shall have a period of 14 days to withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract, without giving any reason.

10.2 Return consignments shall not be accepted without the Publisher's written consent. The Customer shall bear all costs and the risk of the return consignment.

10.3 If you purchase digital content - such as music or a video online - you cannot withdraw once downloading or streaming has started, if you previously agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance.

10.4 A right of withdrawal could be inappropriate for example given the nature of particular goods or services, eg. sheet-music that was previewed on our web-site in full (minus anti-copy sign) or if the supply of goods was made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised or if you unseal the inner envelope (sealing the sheet-music) after delivery.


11.1 On ordering journals, the Customer undertakes to notify the Publisher of the name and address of the end customer when the order is placed. The Publisher undertakes to use such information for internal purposes only and in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation.


12.1 All intellectual property and other proprietary rights (including, but not limited to, copyright, design rights and trademarks) and all technical, business or similar information (including but not limited to, all designs, documents and other materials relating to the goods) created by the Publisher before, during and after the course of the contract shall be, and shall remain, the property of the Publisher only.

12.2 All of the editions on this Web Site are protected by law. Any form of reproduction is therefore prohibited under penalty of law.


13.1 The price is based on a minimum purchase of 20 copies per title for choral scores. Furthermore, choral scores may only be purchased in choral strength, to fulfill the needs of an etire choral group (please see sec. 7 for details).

13.2 Exceptions to this policy may be made in certain cases for valid reasons.

13.3 Single inspection copies of choral scores available for sale can be ordered in certain cases - for retailers only, and they are stamped with special „Anti-copy“ seal. No single conductor, study, archival, or similar copies are available. We have full-page PDFs with ca. 5% surface anti-copy-sign overlay on our web-page. We consider that sufficient to peruse the music offered. Additionaly we have full-lenght YouTube audio/sheet-music recordings available for many of published titles.

13.4 The same policy - purchasing in orchestra strength, to fulfill the needs of an etire orchestra group - apply to string parts ordered for orchestral / instrumental works.

13.5 Instrumental parts other than string parts are only available in sets.

13.6 Any additional woodwind, brass, percussion or other part from any work in our catalog may be purchased separately, after a complete (full) Set of parts has been purcased.


14.1 The laws applicable in every instance are those of the Republic of Slovenia, even if the Customer places an order from abroad or if goods are delivered to an address outside the Republic of Slovenia. If the Customer's legal domicile or usual place of residence is outside Slovenia, the place of jurisdiction for any claims arising from the order shall be Kranj in Slovenia. The Publisher shall also be entitled to bring an action at the general place of jurisdiction.

14.2 The Customer shall only be entitled to offset or reduce the purchase price if his or her counter-claims have been finally and conclusively established or if the Publisher has acknowledged said claims in writing. The Customer shall only be entitled to withhold payment if the claims arise from the same contractual relationship.

14.3 In the event that one or several of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Payment are invalid wholly or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Last amended: October, 2023.

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