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Submitting Manuscripts

For more than a decade, ASTRUM Music Publications has considered manuscripts from composers, writers and artists. We're always willing to accept submissions for possible inclusion in our catalogue. Please take a moment to browse our listings, and listen to some sound clips to see what types of things we're looking for.

Note to Prospective Contributors: Prior to submitting your manuscript, please contact us by mail or e-mail for an invitation to submit, describing in 100 words or less your topic and your motivation for writing on that topic. ASTRUM Music Publications does accept simultaneous submissions, but request that you keep the editor informed of the status of manuscripts submitted to other publishers. We do not accept unsolicited proposals via email or telephone. Unaccepted manuscripts will not be returned and will be destroyed unless the author provides a shipping container with full postage.

The staff at ASTRUM Music Publications in Slovenia work with numerous freelance specialists. A knowledgeable commissioning editor provides early guidance to potential authors. Once a project has been accepted for publication, the commissioning editor will coordinate the publishing process from start to finish and act as the author’s primary contact at ASTRUM Music Publications. We’re small enough to work closely with each author and project, yet big enough to effectively target the marketplace.

We currently use Sibelius software and will accept submissions of Sibelius-compatible files by e-mail. If you wish to send a file to us that isn't compatible with Sibelius, please send it as an .xml and .pdf file. And, if you're submitting a printed score to us, please include a recording of the work if possible. Midi recordings are also acceptable.

The process of going through submissions takes time, so please be patient.

Submissions sent by regular post may be sent to:

[Editor’s Name]

ASTRUM Music Publications

Cankarjeva 7

SI-4290 Trzic