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1 We will use all information obtained at the time of ordering solely for the purpose of our offering and will not be unauthorized to share, sell or use for any other purpose with others. 

2 We use a number of security-protection systems on our web pages, which provide adequate protection against loss, unwanted alteration or misuse of data. Without your specific consent, we will not share, sell or exchange your personal information with any other institution, business or individual.

Use of Your Information:
As registered users of the website, we therefore require your first and last name and other personal information, which will remain known only to us. In order to make a purchase, we need your address, e-mail and telephone number in addition to the information provided. This allows us to ensure a smooth process of completion of your order and to notify you of any changes to your order. By registering on our site, you authorize ASTRUM d.o.o. the retention of your personal information, processing and use in sales processes, research and notifying potential customers in accordance with applicable regulations.

Deletion: At your request, we will delete your data within the time limits and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR). Upon deletion of your Astrum account information, we will only retain information about your purchases in accordance with the law governing this area within the statutory deadline.

Cookies: When you visit our websites, we always load cookies on your device to help you find the information and functionality that is available to you. These will make it easier for you to sign up at your next visit, always displaying the page you chose last time, and also making it easier to find the products you wanted to buy in the past. The operation of our websites is practically impossible without these cookies. While we do not require your consent to use them, we ask that you continue to use our site only if you consent to it. If you have any doubts or questions, we are available for clarification via
With due diligence, we have reviewed the terms and conditions of these sites and believe that the activities on our site do not violate your privacy. All users of our sites are advised to consent to the use of cookies by those sites.
Do not forget! Cookie storage is under the full control of your browser. By selecting the appropriate options in your browser, you can limit or disable the storage of cookies at any time, and you can permanently delete cookies on your device at any time.

6 On December 3 2018, the EU Geographical Blocking Regulation (2018/302) entered into force. Due to its validity and provisions, prices valid at ASTRUM throughout the EU (including the Republic of Slovenia) are the same, since this regulation with criminal liability prevents us from offering customers in the Republic of Slovenia lower prices than in other EU countries.

7 In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (EUR) 2016/679 (GDPR) of 25/05/2018, ASTRUM d.o.o., a marketer uses personal data to fulfill a contract, if required by law or with the personal consent of an individual.
All other personally identifiable information collected is ASTRUM d.o.o. deleted, destroyed or blocked.
Website as of May 25, 2018, acts solely as a catalog and NOT as an online store, all personal data collected until May 25, 2018 are deleted accordingly.
Users of the web site are urged not to record their personal information in any of the aforementioned web addresses.

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