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It is with great pleasure that APZ UP announces the release of a new CD by the young composer Tine Bec, who has collaborated with APZ UP as a singer and composer for many years.The CD was created in c..
14 Dec CONCERT - The KGBL Choirs Holiday Concert
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The KGBL Youth Choir / Mladinski pevski zbor KGBL , IVANČIČ Petra, conductor; PETER Katalin, pianoThe KGBL Choir / Zbor KGBL; ČOPI Ambrož, conductor;The KGBL Chamber Choir / Komorni zbor KGBL; ČOPI Am..
27 Nov 2 First Performances - Vulc & Triler - and KGBL Chamber Choir in the Ljubljana Cathedral
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Chamber Choir of Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana (Slovenia)Ambrož Čopi, conductorFIRST PERFORMANCES:VULC TadejaTRILER Jan..
29 Sep CONCERT - KGBL Chamber Choir and PLEČNIK a cappella
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PLEČNIK and a-cappella, 4th ConcertSt. Cyrill and Methodius Church, Bežigrad-LjubljanaThursday, 29. IX. 2022Komorni zbor KGBL / The KGBL Chamber Choir, SloveniaAmbrož Čopi, conductorMore about the con..
25 May CONCERT - Chamber Choir KGBL in Graz, Austria
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Looong Night of the Choirs / Lange Nacht der Chöre / Dolga zborovska nočKomorni zbor KGBL Ljubljana / The KGBL Chamber Choir Ljubljana, SLoveniaAmbrož Čopi, dirigent / conductorPERFORMANCES:Wednesday,..
22 Jul Megaron Chamber Choir & KGBL Chamber Choir
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Komorni zbor Megaron / Megaron Chamber ChoirDamijan Močnik, conductorKomorni zbor KGBL / Chamber Choir of Conservatory of Music and Ballet LjubljanaAmbrož Čopi, conductorThursday, 22 July 2021 at 17.0..
01 Jul 2 First Performances - Mlakar & Kastelic - and KGBL Škerjanc Awards 2021
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Komorni zbor KGBL / Conservatory for Music and Ballet Ljubljana (Slovenia)Ambrož Čopi, conductorFIRST PERFORMANCES:Klara Mlakar (b. 1999): Izhe Kheruvimi - 2021 - First Performance---Matej Kastelic (b..
27 Jul FESTIVAL - Taipei International Choral Festival 2018 & Chamber Choir KGBL
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