ASTRUM Music Publication's old website (2003-March 2020) used older technology nowadays considered as out of date compared to more recently-created websites. It was quite unstable and and difficult to work with ... and difficult to use it.

We are currently redesigning our website from the ground up to deliver better experience and navigability to you, our customers.

As of mid-April 2020 slightly some 120 compositions are accessible on the renovated website, roughly around 3% of our total number of published editions. 

All compositions (will) have extensive info with many links listed on the MUST KNOW INFO:

many info, multimedia and interactive content are available on the second tabbed ribbon - A LOOK INSIDE:

and we are really hard-working on hundreds and hundreds of Search & FILTERing possibilities enabling you to search for the compositions you need:

And yes, we would like to have the best and the most extensive FILTERing possibilities among choral music publishers worldwide.

Meanwhile, when our site is not having presented all the compositions published, please use this PARTIAL CATALOGUE / PRICE LIST and write us on so we would be able to help you, when ordering scores by ASTRUM Music Publications composers.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while our site undergoes this redesign and upgrade,

ASTRUM Music Publications,

Vito Primožič,