Dear ASTRUM Music Publications friends & customers !

on March 14th, 2020, ASTRUM Music Publications  went into a "low-mode" activity when coronavirus (COVID-19) started its widened path through Europe, see our notice here.

Now, after 65 days,

we are resuming our activities,

as Slovenia has become the first European country to declare an official end to its coronavirus epidemic (May 15th, 2020, applied from May 31, 2020). We all know, that the "game" is not over yet, but slowly we will come out of this "state of inactivity" - coronavirus-hibernation.

Choirs are not yet functioning, but some activities are emerging in the last 14 days, with some orders, domestic and international, coming in. So our activities are from now on considered normal, but probably - within the current situation in the world - some delayed shipping times will occur. But again, we will do our best to act as much normal as possible.

We all will begin to live renewed and transformed through those new times. Let us wish all the humanity and within that - the whole musical community - all the best in the times to come. 

Your ASTRUM Music Publications

May 18, 2020