SLOVENIJO ČUTIM (I Feel Slovenia) for one-part childen's choir with piano accompaniment

music by: Tine Bec (b. 1993), 2021
text (in Slovene) by: Igor Pirkovič (b. 1970) PROMOTIONAL RECORDING: for ASTRUM (C) (P) 2021 by ASTRUM Music Publications SHEET MUSIC:
AS 1.223/011, in G-major (Original):
AS 1.223/012, in F-major (transposed): YouTube:

30 Years of Slovenia's Independence (1991-2021):

Note: This composition is not an official song of the event.
The composition was commissioned by the ASTRUM Music Publication on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Slovenia's independence.)

The composition can also be performed in unison by other choral ensembles.