OTCHE NASH (Отче наш) for mixed choir (SSA TBB) a cappella music by: Matej Kastelic (b. 1994) composed: 28.XII.2021 Text in Old Church Slavonic: Matthew 6: 9–13 Dedicated to conductor Ambrož Čopi and Chamber choir KGBL, Slovenia SHEET MUSIC: AS 34.199/10 https://www.astrum.si/Si-3419910


for mixed choir (SSATBdiv) a cappella music by: Tine Bec (b. 1993) composed: 28.VIII.2021 text in Latin: Marian Antiphon To the KGBL Chamber choir (Komornemu zboru KGBL) and its conductor Ambrož Čopi SHEET MUSIC: AS 34.195/10 https://www.astrum.si/Si-3419510

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rZjQZlXRwU