Choirs from all over the world are invited to participate in the festival concert of Slovenian music.

Conditions of participation: All foreign choirs, without age restrictions, who have performed a composition by a Slovenian composer in the 20th or 21st century in the last 15 years, can participate. We will be happy and honored if you help us design a varied and inspired concert. Slovenian composers are grateful to you for promoting their music. Our joy and honor will be to present your performances to the world.

How to apply:

Application form (pdf) application-form-slovenian-music-from-near-and-far-aegis-carminis-2023.pdf

Application form (word) application-form-slovenian-music-from-near-and-far-aegis-carminis-2023.docx

No application fee!

By May 26, 2023, fill out the attached form and send it to our email along with a link to the recording of the piece by the Slovenian composer that you published on your YouTube channel. (If you haven't published it yet, you can send it to us via WeTransfer.) We will upload the recordings and compile them into a joint festival concert. We will notify you of the broadcast date after receiving all recordings. Thank you for sharing the news with everyone who likes to perform compositions by Slovenian composers.