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KRESNIČEK [FIREFLY] (Annual Performing Licence)

KRESNIČEK [FIREFLY] (Annual Performing Licence)
Subtitles & Versions
Subtitle: a youth music play for soloists and choir with piano accompaniment
Consisting of: INDEX OF SONGS: Uvod / Ples kresnic (Introduction / Fireflies' Dance) / Kresničkova pesem I / Rože in Kresniček / Kresničkova pesem Slaku in Polžu / Pesem Slaka - Pesem Polža / Kresničkova pesem II / Kresniček pred mravljinskim gradom / Duet Mravlje in Kresnička / Recitativ Mravlje I / Kresničkova pesem III / Pesem vil I / Ples vil / Pesem vil II / Ples medveda in živali / Ples škratov / Recitativ Mravlje II / Kresničkova pesem III / Kresniček zagleda zvezdo - luno / Pesem Zvezde - Pesem Lune / Kresniček zagleda sonce / Pesem Sonca / Kresničkova pesem / Plesna pesem /Zaključni refren (Final Chorus)
Composer / Arranger: GOBEC Radovan
Text Author: GOBEC Radovan
Text Details: GOBEC Radovan - based on a fairy tale by Marija Jezernik
Speaking Parts: PERSONS: /// SOLOISTS: (Kresnica) Firefly / Kresnica I, Kresnica II, Kresnica III / Poppy / Flower I, Flower II / Bindweed / Snail / Ant / Sun (strong male voice) /// GROUPS - CHOIRS: Choir of Fireflies / Cvetice ( Flowers) / Fairies /// PLAYERS - DANCERS: Queen of Flowers / Bear / Animals / Dwarves / Star / Moon (Sun)
Singing Parts: 8 (eight): (Kresniček, kresnice in vile) Fireflies, fireflies and fairies have the singing range: h ↔ e2; (Slak, Polž, Roža) Bindweed, Snail, Rose: c1↔ d2; (Mravlja) Ant: d1↔ d2; (Zvezda, Luna) Star, Moon: c1↔ c2; (Sonce) Sun - baritone : e↔h(e1).
Date (and place) composed: 1928, Maribor, Slovenia
Licence: If you are planning to stage a musical in whole in public, at the concert, or to record the performance, you need to apply to ASTRUM Music Publications ( / Re: Yearly Licence) and purchase a YEARLY PERFORMING LICENCE - valid for 12 months from on a calendar year basis. A competent performing rights society is collecting royalties for the individual performances (songs, excerpts, etc.) of the musical.
Synopsis: The music play takes place in a forest clearing. In the background is the ant castle (see cover). An ant exits and enters through the castle gate. The scene also includes: Bindweed, Snail, Flowers, bushes and trees. The stage is mostly darkened except during the moon and the rising sun. Fireflies are dressed in dark brown clothes. The firefly should stand out slightly from the outside. The flashlights are equipped with a front bicycle or cave lamp. The rest of the clothes should match the characters (flowers, snails...). The star, moon and sun can be represented by light bodies or they can be projected. In this case, their parts are sung by singers behind the stage. The light should increase with the arrival of the moon and the sun. When Kresniček / Firefly gets his light back, the light on the stage should be slightly reduced. The bear and the animals and the gnomes should dance with a larger moving light (illuminated pumpkin). If there are no conditions for performing these two dances, you can omit them. Three copies of the score are required for the performance. For (hidden): choirmaster, pianist and director. A libretto (text only) is available for the singers and actors as well as the director.
Duration: 30 minuts (approx)
Product Type: Annual Performing Licence
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