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ŽLOBUDRAVE BOLHE [Chattering Fleas] (Libretto)

ŽLOBUDRAVE BOLHE [Chattering Fleas] (Libretto)
Subtitles & Versions
Consisting of: INDEX OF SONGS: 1. V našem ljubeznivem gozdu / 2. V vreči skačejo kostanji / 3. Vse do mesta kaže cesta / 4. Polhek, rade te imamo (Zbor bolh (1)) / 5. Sitne gospodične (Skupina bolh (1) in polh) / 6. Nesramnice (Zbor dreves (2)) / 7. Biti polh (Polh – Tretji song polha) / 8. Borovnice smo iskale (Skupina bolh (2)) / 9. Pasje jagode pojedle (Skupina bolh (3)) / 10. Rad bi kupil bolho zase / 11. In tako je tale zgodba
Composer / Arranger: BEC Tine
Text Author: VRABIČ Tomaž
Detailed Scoring: a music fairy tale for young vocal soloists and actors, a group of singers and a children's choir with accompaniment
Speaking Parts: 9 (nine): POLH (dormouse) / FIGARA (flea) / ELIZABETA (flea) / JERA (flea) / MULA (flea) / PES (dog) / MEDVED (bear) / MIŠKA (mouse) / ZAJEC (rabbit)
Singing Parts: 6 (six): POLH (dormouse) / a quartet of fleas (4) / PES (dog)
Availability: There are 9 (nine) speaking characters in the musical - so a minimum of 9 (nine) libretto copies must be ordered.
Licence: If you are planning to stage a musical in whole in public, at the concert, or to record the performance, you need to apply to ASTRUM Music Publications ( / Re: Yearly Licence) and purchase a YEARLY PERFORMING LICENCE - valid for 12 months from on a calendar year basis. A competent performing rights society is collecting royalties for the individual performances (songs, excerpts, etc.) of the musical.
Synopsis: The dormouse gathers forest fruits and lives in peace. One autumn day, he goes to the town market to sell the surplus and buy a winter blanket. The fleas that live on it want to be with it in every way. They promise to help him along the way. But fleas are rude, so they don’t keep to the promises. They squander dormouse's cart and they ate - as much as ever they could hold - lots of deadly nightshade berries, thinking they were blueberries. Soon after, dizzy and weak they hang on the cart. The goods sell well on the market, and even for fleas, to the dormouse's surprise, a buyer is found. They are bought by a dog that is going to a dog competition. The dormouse returns home satisfied and sleeps sweetly in the winter.
Duration: 51 minutes [approx.]
Painter: ŠUBIC Maja
Proofreader: BEC Ana
Editor: PRIMOŽIČ Vito
Product Type: Libretto
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