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ŽLOBUDRAVE BOLHE [Chattering Fleas] (Libretto)

ŽLOBUDRAVE BOLHE [Chattering Fleas] (Libretto)
Subtitles & Versions
Consisting of: INDEX OF SONGS: 1. V našem ljubeznivem gozdu / 2. V vreči skačejo kostanji / 3. Vse do mesta kaže cesta / 4. Polhek, rade te imamo (Zbor bolh (1)) / 5. Sitne gospodične (Skupina bolh (1) in polh) / 6. Nesramnice (Zbor dreves (2)) / 7. Biti polh (Polh – Tretji song polha) / 8. Borovnice smo iskale (Skupina bolh (2)) / 9. Pasje jagode pojedle (Skupina bolh (3)) / 10. Rad bi kupil bolho zase / 11. In tako je tale zgodba
Composer / Arranger: BEC Tine
Text Author: VRABIČ Tomaž
Singing Parts: 6 (six): POLH (dormouse) / a quartet of fleas (4) / PES (dog)
Speaking Parts: 9 (nine): POLH (dormouse) / FIGARA (flea) / ELIZABETA (flea) / JERA (flea) / MULA (flea) / PES (dog) / MEDVED (bear) / MIŠKA (mouse) / ZAJEC (rabbit)
Detailed Scoring: a music fairy tale for young vocal soloists and actors, a group of singers and a children's choir with accompaniment
Licence: If you are planning to stage a musical in whole in public, at the concert, or to record the performance, you need to apply to ASTRUM Music Publications ( / Re: Yearly Licence) and purchase a YEARLY PERFORMING LICENCE - valid for 12 months from on a calendar year basis. A competent performing rights society is collecting royalties for the individual performances (songs, excerpts, etc.) of the musical.
Product Type: Libretto
Painter: ŠUBIC Maja
Proofreader: BEC Ana
Editor: PRIMOŽIČ Vito
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