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NOTNA MAPA ZA ŠOLSKE ZBORE (# 88) - (Teacher's magazine)

NOTNA MAPA ZA ŠOLSKE ZBORE (# 88) - (Teacher's magazine)
Composer / Arranger: various composers
Text Author: various poets
Detailed Scoring: one to four part compositions (also divisi) for high voices, a cappella and accompanied
Series, Collection: NOTNA MAPA ZA ŠOLSKE ZBORE [Music Folder for School Choirs]
Product Type: Serial Publication
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NOTNA MAPA ZA ŠOLSKE ZBORE (Music Folder for School Choirs) # 88

The magazine is published four times a year and is published in Slovene language. The first issue was published in the 1997/1998 school year and the magazine is currently (as of 2019) in its 22nd year of publishing.

CONTENTS - Number 88 (AS 02.088/99):
Amor noster musica (Our Love of Music)
music: Miro Kokol
lyrics: traditional proverb in Latin
for (school) unison choir with piano accompaniment 
Pajkec Tonček (Tony, the Small Spider)
music: Bojan Glavina
lyrics in Slovene: Vida Mokrin Pauer
for unison children choir with piano accompaniment
Katka in komar (Cathy and Mosquito)
author of music and text: Marijan Dović
for unison voice(s) with accompaniment
Sijaj, sijaj sonce ljubo (Shine, Shine Beloved Sun)
"Sonce ljubo" - Slovene folk-song from Doberdob [Venezia-Giulia, Italy],
"Sijaj, sijaj sončece" - Slovene folk-song from Čohovo [Notranjska] 
arranged by: Andrej Makor   
for two-part (SA) youth chorus without accompaniment
I Want to Be Ready  or  Walk in Jerusalem, jus' like John
arranged by: Harry T. Burleigh
for unison voice(s) with piano accompaniment
Pobelelo pole (The Field is White)
for three-part equal high voices (SSA) with body percussion
Come il ritmo veloce (Like the Fast Rhythm)
text in Italian: Roberto Piumini
for three-part equal high voices (SSA) with piano accompaniment
Travniči so že zaleni (The Meadows are Already Green)
arranged by: Oskar Dev
for four treble voices (SSAA) without accompaniment
PURPOSEPublishing choir literature for the second and third triads of elementary school and high school (gymnasium, middle-school) youth choirs. Publishing a more demanding one to four voiced compositions (also divisi) for high voices, a cappella and accompanied.
PUBLISHERASTRUM d.o.o., glasbena založba / ASTRUM Music Publications, Cankarjeva 7, SI-4290 Tržič, SLOVENIA.
P: +386 (04) 59 25 800 ·  F: +386 (04) 59 25 801 ·  E:  ·  W:
EDITOR IN CHIEFVito PrimožičMusic Editor, ASTRUM Music Publications

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