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ZBUDI SE, JERUZALEM [WAKE UP, JERUSALEM] - Full Score [performing purchase]

ZBUDI SE, JERUZALEM [WAKE UP, JERUSALEM] - Full Score [performing purchase]
Subtitles & Versions
Subtitle: short Christmas cantata with carols-themes from Kropa and Kamna Gorica (Slovenia) for choir (SATBdiv) and piano (organ)
Composer / Arranger: GAŠPERŠIČ Egi
Music [Melody] Source: Carol
Text Source (Author): Carol
Detailed Scoring: for mixed choir (SATBdiv) - male chorus (TTBB) and women chorus (SSA) too - with piano (organ) accompaniment
Availability: This sheet music edition is available as 1 (one) copy-item. If you are going to perform this composition - you need to obtain original performance parts (choral scores, orchestral parts, ...). The publisher monitors the performance activities of published compositions: in cases where the song is performed without the purchase of performance parts, the publisher will document the unauthorized performance, remind the responsible performer's person of the unauthorized performance and invite him to purchase the appropriate number of performance parts. Other copyright protection activities are reserved to the publisher.
Duration: 24 minutes (approx)
Remark: This edition is available as 1 (one) copy-item – for individual, archival, etc. purposes. Such edition costs more than edition(s) ordered together with a performing material (choral parts, orchestral parts, etc.). We have thus 2 prices (individual purchase = higher price / performing purchase = lower price) for the same edition. When ordering, please choose the proper purchase option.
Product Type: Full Score [performing purchase]
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