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OBISKI PRI CUCKIH [Visiting the Cucki Family] (Libretto)

OBISKI PRI CUCKIH [Visiting the Cucki Family] (Libretto)
Subtitles & Versions
Consisting of: INDEX OF SONGS: PROLOGUE / FIRST ACT: 1. Zbor živali: Tinka Tonka odpotuje; 2. Zbor živali: Nevarni samotar [Kafrski bivol]; 3. Zbor živali: Rep kot antena [Svinja bradavičarka]; 4. Zbor živali: Padla je trdnjava [Podzemska svinjka]; 5. Noj: Nojeva skrivnost [Noj] / SECOND ACT: 6. Kameleon: Mojster za barve [Kameleon]; 7. Zbor živali: Sestrični [Mamba]; 8. Zbor živali: Plešoči bojevnik [Tajnik]; 9. Zbor živali: Aj – aj in sifaka [Lemur]; 10. Zbor hijen: Prepirljivka [Hijena]; 11. Tinka Tonka in Zbor živali: Vleče južna me celina
Composer / Arranger: AVSEC Vitja
Text Author: VRABIČ Tomaž
Detailed Scoring: a music play for young actors, soloists, a group of singers and a choir with accompaniment
Speaking Parts: 13 (thirteen): Tinka Tonka, Veter, Bivol, Svinja bradavičarka, Podzemska svinjka, Noj, Kameleon, Mamba, Tajnik, Lemur, HijenaTrapa, Hijena Salmonela Smrdela, Hijena Packa Helena
Singing Parts: 5 (five): Zbor živali / Chorus of Animals (No. I-IV, VII-IX), Noj / Ostrich (No. V), Kameleon / Chameleon (No. VI), Zbor hijen / Chorus of Hyenas (No. X), Tinka Tonka in Zbor živali / Tinka Tonka and Chorus of Animals (No. XI)
Licence: If you are planning to stage a musical in whole in public, at the concert, or to record the performance, you need to apply to ASTRUM Music Publications ( / Re: Yearly Licence) and purchase a YEARLY PERFORMING LICENCE - valid for 12 months from on a calendar year basis. A competent performing rights society is collecting royalties for the individual performances (songs, excerpts, etc.) of the musical.
Synopsis: It's the holidays. A girl, Tinka Tonka, is looking at a book about animals. She knows her homeland animals, she wants to meet those from distant places. The wind that blows all over the world is her friend. Invite her on a trip. Tinka Tonka accepts the invitation and the adventures begin.
Duration: 60 minuts (approx)
Remark: Ordering the libretto requires a purchase for all actors in the music play (= 13 copies, no discounts).
Editor: PRIMOŽIČ Vito
Product Type: Libretto
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