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HUGHES John Ceiriog

HUGHES John Ceiriog

HUGHES John Ceiriog (25 September 1832 – 23 April 1887), was a Welsh poet and collector of Welsh folk tunes. He was sometimes described as a Robert Burns of Wales. Ceiriog was born at Penybryn Farm.

His lyric poetry is based on traditional folk song. It earned national attention when he won the Llangollen Eisteddfod in 1858 with a love poem, "Myfanwy Fychan o Gastell Dinas Brân" (Little Myfanwy from Castell Dinas Brân).

Ceiriog's first collection of poetry was published in 1860 as Oriau'r Hwyr (Evening Hours). He also wrote many light-hearted lyrics, which he adapted to old Welsh tunes or to original music by various composers. Like many Welsh poets, Ceiriog adopted a bardic name – "Ceiriog", from the Ceiriog Valley where he was born. The public hall in his home village contains a memorial inscription to him. Ceiriog's fascination with Welsh folk music led him to investigate its history, particularly that of the music of the harpists, who would often accompany songs. This led to a grand project to publish four volumes of Welsh airs, of which only the first appeared in print, in 1863: Cant O Ganeuon (A Hundred Songs).

He died in 1887 at the age of 54 leaving £96. He is buried at Llanwnnog.

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