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GOBEC Radovan

GOBEC Radovan

GOBEC Radovan, Slovenian composer, conductor and choirmaster (June 1, 1909, Podgrad near Ilirska Bistrica - April 14, 1995, Ljubljana, Slovenia) spent his youth in Styria/Štajerska as a refugee from fascist terror. He studied music at the Maribor school with H. Druzović and E. Beran. Soon he started teaching music himself. He married Sonja Elschbacher (her mother was Aneta Kukec, daughter of the famous brewer Simon Kukec). At the beginning of the Second World War, he began to work illegally, but very early on he became an active partisan fighter and came to the liberated territory of the Bela Krajina. Here he worked in the cultural troupe as a musician, composer and choirmaster. Many partisan songs were created as a result of his musical creation. After liberation, he continued his systematic work at the music academy in Ljubljana. From 1946 to 1957, the conductor of the APZ was Tone Tomšič.

He completed his studies in conducting and composition at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in 1951. In 1953, he also took over the leadership of the Partisan Choir. He had many performances at home and abroad with both choirs. He became the head of the music department of the Higher Pedagogical School in Ljubljana, later promoted to the Pedagogical Academy and finally to the Faculty of Pedagogy.

He wrote more than a thousand pieces of music, most of them for various choirs, he is the author of many vocal partisan songs, songs for children, the author of the operettas Beg iz Harema / Escape from the Harem (1928), Hmeljska princesa / Hop Princess (1930), Planinska roža / Mountain Flower (1937), Habakkuk (1938). , the opera Firefly / Kresniček (1928), the opera Tremerski Dukat / Dukat of Tremer (1934, 1959), Kri v plamenih / Blood in Flames (1969) and numerous cantatas.

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