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KLAGELIEDER (Lamentations) - Complete Score

KLAGELIEDER (Lamentations) - Complete Score
Subtitles & Versions
Consisting of: Prelude [Der Herr ließ meine Wege sich verstricken] / I [Meine Zähne ließ er auf Kiesel beißen] / II [Du hast dich in Wolken gehüllt] / III [Da rief ich deinen Namen]
Composer / Arranger: MAKOR Andrej
Text Author: Biblical
Detailed Scoring: für Klarinette, Klavier und gemischten Chor (SATB div.) / for clarinet, piano and mixed choir (SATB div.)
Availability Limitations: This sheet music edition is available as 1 (one) copy-item. If you are going to perform this composition - you need to obtain original performance parts (choral scores, orchestral parts, ...). The publisher monitors the performance activities of published compositions: in cases where the song is performed without the purchase of performance parts, the publisher will document the unauthorized performance, remind the responsible performer's person of the unauthorized performance and invite him to purchase the appropriate number of performance parts. Other copyright protection activities are reserved to the publisher.
Date (and place) composed: Izola, 9. XII 2020
Dedication: In memoriam to the victims of Coronavirus disease 2019
Editions of this cycle, collection: Full Score (AS 34.197/10), Vocal-Choral Score (AS 34.197/05), Choral Score (AS 34.197/09), Set of Parts (AS 34.197/20) consisting of instrumental parts listed in the Full Score: Clarinet in Bb (2x booklet) (AS 34.197/51), Piano (AS 34.197/91) (2x booklet + 1x single-page print – for taped, accordion-style part)
First Performance: Friday, April 1, 2022; 7.30 p.m. / 5th Subscription Concert, Saison 2021/22 (MVP 5) / Stop, Listen / Marjan Kozina Hall / Slovenian Pilharmonic, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Slovenian Philharmonic Choir / Duo Claripiano: Tatjana Kaučič, piano / Dušan Sodja, clarinet / Luka Juteršek, tenor solo / Matjaž Strmole, bariton solo / Gregor Klančič, conductor
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