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QUATUOR ANTIPHONÆ MARIANÆ SELECTÆ / Four Selected Marian Antiphons [2008–2012]

QUATUOR ANTIPHONÆ MARIANÆ SELECTÆ / Four Selected Marian Antiphons [2008–2012]
Composer / Arranger: ČOPI Ambrož
Text Author: Liturgical / Worshiping Text [Catholic]
Scoring: for unaccompanied mixed choir (SATBdiv)
Editions of this cycle, collection: Complete Edition [AS 34.043/01] / Choral Score, all 4 titles [AS 34.043/02] / Separate Octavo Editions: Ave Maria [AS 34.043/011] / Regina cæli [AS 34.043/012] / Salve Regina [AS 34.043/013] / Ave, Regina cælorum [AS 34.043/014]
Duration: ca. 3:40 + 2:35 + 5:00 + 3:10 = ca. 14:25
Cycle / Collection: Čopi: Quatuor Antiphonae Marianae Selectae [2008–2012]
Cycle / Collection - containing: I. Ave Maria / II. Regina cæli / III. Salve Regina / IV. Ave, Regina cælorum
Temporary Purchase Restriction: We do NOT currently supply this edition due to past proven practices of unauthorized reproduction from collections and similar editions. This music is only available in other editions that are ordered in sufficient quantities for all musicians participating. When ordering the latter editions, it is also possible to supply the present sheet music. The temporary purchase restriction applies until cancelled.
Product Type: Complete Edition
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