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STIŠJA (Tranquility) - TTBB (Complete Edition)

STIŠJA (Tranquility) - TTBB (Complete Edition)
Subtitles & Versions
Subtitle: three compositions for solo (TTBB) and low voices (TTBB div.) on lyrics by Feri Lainšček
Consisting of: I. Solza (Tear) / II. Zgoraj (Above) / III. Snežinka (Snow Flake)
Composer / Arranger: VIDIC Samo
Text Source (Author): LAINŠČEK Feri
Detailed Scoring: for solo (TTBB) and low voices (TTBB div.) a cappella
Availability Limitations: This sheet music edition is available as 1 (one) copy-item. If you are going to perform this composition - you need to obtain original performance parts (choral scores, orchestral parts, ...). The publisher monitors the performance activities of published compositions: in cases where the song is performed without the purchase of performance parts, the publisher will document the unauthorized performance, remind the responsible performer's person of the unauthorized performance and invite him to purchase the appropriate number of performance parts. Other copyright protection activities are reserved to the publisher.
Product Type: Complete Edition
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