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Just published - MAMS 49 Just published volume of the series Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae with Missa Pastorale op. 93 by L.F. Schwerdt is now available.

You can find more info about this volume here:

All available volumes of MAMS:

MAMS 1 Ivancic, Amandus: Sonate a tre
MAMS 2a Lagkhner, Daniel: Soboles Musica [2nd Edition]
MAMS 3 This volume is out of stock: Ivancic, Amandus: Symphonies for two violins and bass
MAMS 4a Dolar, Janez Krstnik: Missa Villana [2nd Edition]
MAMS 5 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - I/1 - In adventu Domini nostri Iesu Christi
MAMS 6 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - I/2 - De nativitate, circumsione et epiphania Domini
MAMS 7 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - I/3 - A dominica septuagesimae per quadragesimam ...
MAMS 8 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - II/1 - De passione Domini nostri Iesu Christi 
MAMS 9 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - II/2 - Lamentationes leremiae Prophetae
MAMS 10 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - II/3 - De resurrectione et ascensione Domini nostri ...
MAMS 11 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - II/4 - De Spiritu sancto
MAMS 12 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - III/1 - De sancta Trinitate et de Corpore Christi
MAMS 13  Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - III/2 - In dedicatione templi et a dominica post ...
MAMS 14 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - IV/1 - Harmoniae octo vocum - In festis beatissimae ...
MAMS 15  Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - IV/2 - Harmoniae sex vocum - De beata virgine ...
MAMS 16 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - IV/3 - Harmoniae quinque vocum - De beata virgine matre ...
MAMS 17 Gallus, Iacobus: OPUS MUSICUM - IV/4 - Harmoniae quatuor vocum. Psalmi omnibus sanctis ...

This volume is out of stock: Gallus, Iacobus: Selectiores quaedam missae. Liber I


This volume is out of stock: Gallus, Iacobus: Selectiores quaedam missae. Liber II

MAMS 20 Gallus, Iacobus: Selectiores quaedam missae. Liber III
MAMS 21 Gallus, Iacobus: Selectiores quaedam missae. Liber IV
MAMS 22a Dolar, Janez Krstnik: Missa sopra la bergamasca [2nd Edition]
MAMS 23a Dolar, Janez Krstnik: Psalms [2nd Edition]
MAMS 24 This volume is out of stock: Prenner, Georgius: Motets
MAMS 25 Dolar, Janez Krstnik: Balletti
MAMS 26 Gallus, Iacobus: Harmoniae Morales. Book I (1589), Book II (1590)
MAMS 27 Gallus, Iacobus: Moralia
MAMS 28 Gallus, Iacobus: Compositions preserved in manuscript
MAMS 29 Dolar, Janez Krstnik: Missa Viennensis
MAMS 30 Posch, Isaac: Musicalische Ehrenfreudt (1618)
MAMS 31 Posch, Isaac: Musicalische Tafelfreudt (1621)
MAMS 32 Striccius, Wolfgang: Neue Teutsche Lieder (1588); Der erste Theil newer ... (1593)
MAMS 33 Plavec, Gabrijel: Flosculus vernalis (1621)
MAMS 34 Lagkhner, Daniel: Flores Jessaei (1606), Florum Iessaeorum (1607)
MAMS 35 Posch, Isaac: Harmonia concertans (1623)
MAMS 36 Zupan, Jakob Francisek: Arias and Duets
MAMS 37 Wratny, Venceslav: Missa in B-flat
MAMS 38 Zupan, Jakob Francisek: Te Deum laudamus, Lythaniae in G, Missae
MAMS 39 Wratny, Venceslav: Missa in A
MAMS 40 Puliti, Gabrielli: Sacri concentus (1614), Pungenti dardi spirituali (1618)
MAMS 41 Wratny, Venceslav: Missa in G
MAMS 42 Puliti, Gabriello: Lilia convallium (1620), Sacri accenti (1620)
MAMS 43 Schwerdt, L. Ferdinand: Missa St. Floriani in D
MAMS 44 Puliti, Gabriello: Baci ardenti (1609), Armonici accenti (1621)
MAMS 45 Schwerdt, L. Ferdinand: Missa pro Resurrectione /D.N.J.C./ in E-flat
MAMS 46 Puliti, Gabriello: Ghirlanda odorifera (1612)
MAMS 47 Novak, Janez Krstnik: Figaro; Cantate zum Geburts oder Namensfeste einer Mutter
MAMS 48 Puliti, Gabriello: Il secondo libro delle messe (1624)
MAMS 49 Schwerdt, L. Ferdinand: Missa pastorale, op. 93


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