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ODMEVI - po Kathaumixw-u S strani zmagovalcev International Choral Kathaumixw, Mladinskega mešanega zbora Sv. Stanislava iz Ljubljane, smo prejeli nekaj zapisov/ocen/mnenj žirantov tekmovanja o zmagovalnem zboru:

WOW! Great precision, very rhythmic, flawles tempo transitions… wonderfull tuning of harmonies, incredible intensity throughout, entries clear and distinct, incredible ending….

Impresive sound from this choir. Congratulations on a most outstanding performance. You have made Kathaumixw fantastic. 21 gentlemen… YES!!!

Bravo! Artistic and stylistic performace! What a wonderful group of young singers. Very effective performance.

Incredible. Artistic perfection – you took us as a trip through your beautiful country – we all went there with you. Completly captivating. A true joy to hear this uncredible choir. Certainly one of the finest youth choirs I have heard in the world!

Magical! Absolutly Magical! Total control of the presentation, what a moving experience to listen this powerful music / presentation! Great choice of the repertoar! Thank you so much to come and sing at the Kathaumixw.

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